Fitted Office Furniture

We offer bespoke fitted office furniture design in Poole, Bournemouth, Lymington and the surrounding areas of Dorset and Hampshire. Your home office should offer a calm and relaxed atmosphere that meets your specific requirements and is suited to your work style, providing you with the perfect space to focus.

At Dovetail Designs our comprehensive service includes the design, manufacture and installation of fitted office furniture including stylish desks, cabinets and shelving units.

Our team can ensure that your home office is unique to you and tailored to meet any needs you may have. All of the fitted office furniture we create is bespoke and handmade meaning we can suit it to any type of room, utilising the available space to its fullest potential. The high-quality materials we use when manufacturing our fitted furniture allows us to cater to a variety of styles and colour schemes. If you’d prefer your office to fit in with an already established style within your home, we can easily accommodate that.

The choice of furniture is entirely your decision and each piece can be designed to your exact specifications. As a fundamental part of any office, we can ensure your desk offers an ergonomic workspace which allows you the space and functionality you require. Other features you may wish to include are fitted cabinets for filing & documents, bookshelves, drawers and under stairs storage to provide additional storage capabilities.

Your home office can also act as a multifunctional space if you wish. Designing your home office in a way which allows it to double as a guest bedroom is a popular choice for homeowners. We can provide fitted bedroom furniture that is subtle and doesn’t hinder the room’s use as an office, while still being stylish and practical. Furniture design such as fitted wardrobes and folding beds can be utilised to great effect.

Contact us today to discuss our furniture design services and request a free quote for fitted office furniture in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset, Lymington or the New Forest.

Contact us today about your fitted furniture needs and we’ll discuss design ideas and provide a free quotation.

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