About us

Since trading began in October 2016 Furnimate LTD has grown in a healthy and well managed way.

This has allowed us to invest in more specialist equipment and keep the production 100% in house supporting UK Manufacturing!

We have taken the view that it would be a commercial wise move to change the name. As of 23.07.2018 Furnimate LTD has re-branded its self as Dovetail Designs Ltd. Our accounts have remained the same and we have opted to simply change the name.

We will run our emails and website for furnimate.co.uk parallel to our new company name for a period of time.

On top of all this we are also relocating 20 meters from our current location to a new unit that is over twice the size of our current workshop. We have simply out grown our space and need more to provide the level of service and quality that you are accustomed to.

We shall also be centralizing our offices and a brand new showroom all on the same premises.



Modern Furniture Design delivered with Traditional Values

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