Work from Home in Luxury with Bespoke Office Furniture

Fitted Office Furniture Poole

Over the past few years working from home has grown in popularity and more and more businesses are adopting it as a normal and acceptable way of working. And who wouldn’t choose to work from home if they have the choice? The opportunity to do your job in the comfort of your own home is obviously hugely appealing. No more defrosting your car windows in morning darkness, cramming yourself onto a packed train or getting involved in unnecessary office drama – sounds good to us!

However, to work efficiently you will still require an effective workstation that is suited to your needs. Whether your job requires you to use a pen and paper, type on a laptop, attend video calls or all of the above, you will need a space that allows you to be comfortable and productive. A standard desk from a furniture store may be a decent short-term solution, but if working from home is a regular occurrence you will benefit from something more practical and functional.

Bespoke Fitted Office Furniture Poole

Whatever work you are doing, your home office should provide relaxed and comfortable surroundings that also feature the functionality you require. At Dovetail Designs we can create bespoke fitted office furniture that is tailored to your specific needs. From the initial ideas and design stage right through to the finished installation, we work closely with you to create furniture that meets your needs completely.

Our custom-made furniture is fully manufactured in our Poole workshop and installed by our expert team. You can be sure that your furniture is completely unique and made just for you, ensuring your home office is a space that truly caters to your requirements. From desks and shelving to drawers, cabinets and any other feature you’d like incorporated into the design, we can deliver the perfect solution.

Fitted Office Furniture Dorset

Fitted Office Furniture Dorset

If your home office isn’t quite providing the ideal working environment for you, Dovetail Designs can help. Get in touch today to discuss how our bespoke fitted furniture can transform your home office into a practical and luxurious workspace.