Walk-In Wardrobes – A Fantastic Addition to Any Home

Walk in Wardrobes Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

Walk-in wardrobes have long been used as a symbol of wealth and luxury. You have probably noticed plenty of examples of this yourself in movies and TV shows, with a well-off character shown to have a very lavish walk-in wardrobe as a sign of their affluence and social status. In reality though, while walk-in wardrobes are certainly luxurious, they are also much more attainable than Hollywood would have you believe – and the benefits that they provide make them a worthwhile addition to any home!

Walk in Wardrobes Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

Save Time & Space

Walk-in wardrobes provide much more storage space than your typical free-standing wardrobe. With this additional space you are free to ensure each item of clothing has its own place. There will be no more spending ages raking through a packed wardrobe trying to find a certain top or dress when each type of clothing has its own designated area! The increased ease of accessing your clothing will save time, giving you longer to spend on getting ready to look your best.

It also means you can get rid of your bulky wardrobes, cabinets and dressers, freeing up extra floor space in your bedroom. This allows you to utilise the area for other furniture, seating, decorative features or simply as additional living space, which can be extremely useful if your bedroom is currently quite small and cramped.

Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle

The beauty of a walk-in wardrobe is that it can be designed to incorporate the features that you want. From drawers, shoe racks and tie rails to bespoke solutions for hats, belts, handbags, jewellery and other accessories, your walk-in wardrobe can cater to all of your bedroom storage needs.

As well as bringing order and organisation to your clothing, a walk-in wardrobe can also offer additional functionality. You can include a dressing table to turn your wardrobe into the ultimate glam room. Full-length mirrors for checking out your outfit from every angle. Bespoke lighting. Electrical sockets for hair dryers, straighteners and other appliances. Additional seating. You can even have an integrated sound system and speakers so you can listen to your favourite pre-party anthems as you get ready. When it comes to your walk-in wardrobe, the options are endless.

Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Have you ever grabbed something from your closet to wear and it has been in there so long it has developed an unpleasant musty smell? Unfortunately, we have all been there. With a walk-in wardrobe this problem will become a thing of the past. By including effective ventilation that allows for efficient air flow in the design of your wardrobe, mould, damp and musty-smelling clothing will be avoided and your clothes will remain fresh and ready to wear at all times.

Added Property Value

If you’re having a walk-in wardrobe fitted, it is likely because you plan to use it yourself. However, one day you may decide to sell your property and the good news is that a well-designed walk-in wardrobe will add value to your property, as well as increasing its appeal with potential buyers. A gorgeous, bespoke walk-in wardrobe may be the feature that puts your home ahead of the competition in the housing market.

Bespoke Walk-In Wardrobes in Dorset

A walk-in wardrobe can be the perfect way to utilise unused space within your home and can be installed in areas of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a large bedroom you’d like to convert into a wardrobe, a small room you haven’t found a use for or even a nook in your master bedroom, we can design a walk-in wardrobe to fit in the available space that provides the perfect solution for you.

At Dovetail Designs we specialise in the design and installation of bespoke fitted wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes and have fitted gorgeous, custom-made creations at properties of all types in Poole, Bournemouth and throughout Dorset.

If you’d like to improve your home and add a slice of luxury at the same time, get in touch with us today to discuss any ideas you have for your walk-in wardrobe.